Full API Outage
Incident Report for Clerk.io
We have experienced a full API outage with a duration of 7 minutes from 23:30 to 23:37 CET.

The issue was identified quickly and resolved within minutes.

Our cloud hosting provider AWS experienced a physical hardware failure that crashed one of our core system databases, their recovery protocol detected the issue fast and replaced our affected core system database with a replica that took its place in our system infrastructure, and the issue was resolved in less than 7 minutes,

After the issue was resolved we monitored the situation and ensured that performance and stability were fully recovered.

Due to this issue, we are looking into a solution that will prevent an outage like this in the future.

We are sorry for the hiccup and hope you have a great day now that this has been resolved.
Posted Jul 30, 2022 - 23:30 CEST